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Meet the Birdy Team


Kristin Schenk
Owner & Senior Designer

Kristin is a proud Tulsa native with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Kansas. With her diverse background coupled with many years of experience in the design industry she adds a unique perspective to each project. Through Kristin's extensive knowledge of various product lines, she has successfully introduced rare and captivating pieces to Tulsa. With her keen eye for distinctive and interesting items, Kristin adds a touch of exclusivity to her clients' spaces, elevating their interior design experiences to new heights.



Birdy is a well fed lounge artist and the figurehead of our firm. She requires the finest, most supple surroundings to maintain her 22 hour nap schedule and wealth of wrinkles. Birdy highly recommends performance fabrics.

Kimberly Jones
Designer & Operations

Kimberly has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Northeastern State University and an Interior Design diploma from Clary Sage College.  She has an extensive background in customer service and project management. Kimberly has a knack for bringing new ideas and technology to each project.  She has a keen eye for color, under tones and varying textures. 

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